Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wait... Nail Stamping?

Yes!  I first saw Konad nail stamping on Kristina Werner's blog.  She did a wonderful video tutorial:

She basically says it all in the video, but I'll show you a few of my pictures I took while I was attempting to do my nails.  I didn't seem to catch on as quickly and had a hard time getting the image to transfer from the plate to the stamp.  (Please excuse the poor quality of my photos!  My good camera was stolen from the back seat of our car.  Stupid me for leaving it there!)

First you'll want to apply a base coat...
 then if desired a color that coordinates with your image color.

 Once your polish is completely dry, time for the stamping!  The special nail polish really is unique and made for ease of transfer from the image plate, to the stamper, and ultimately your nail!
 Here is my image plate...
 And stamper...
 Apply special polish to the image you'd like to transfer.

 Using a scraper, scrape off excess polish.
 Like so...  Once you scrape, you've got to move fast!  That thin layer of polish dries FAST!
 Then in either a firm rocking motion, or by pressing straight down, transfer the image to the stamper.
I need a little practice at getting the whole image to transfer...
I couldn't get a shot of myself rolling the stamper onto my nail (needed a third hand), but basically you line the image up and roll it firmly across your nail!
 TA DA!  All you need to do now is take a Q-Tip dipped in polish remover to clean up your edges!

Here is where you'd put a top coat over your image, but for some reason the top coat I have smears the images.  I'm going to hold off until I can get the Konad brand top coat so my hard work isn't ruined!

 Now I'm off to put flowers on my daughter's fingers!