Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well here I go with post #2... I have been making a lot of cards lately and not scrapbooking much at all.  I found these stamps that I absolutely love at Stamping Bella and have become such a fan!  I have begun to participate in weekly card challenges at Split Coast Stampers and love how it pushes my creative side!  I am currently working on another challenge and will post the results when I am done.

This has been a fun week for us so far.  On Monday Nathaniel and I picked up our clay animal figurines from a Free Fall workshop that we attended at Baltimore Clay Works.  We had so much fun getting our hands dirty and creating as a family.  Unfortunately Aaron's creation didn't make it to the kiln.  We were able to pick up Hannah's dog, Nathaniel's elephant, and I made a triceratops.  Aaron had made a beautiful brontosaurus but I think the neck was too long and skinny to hold up.  

After picking up our artwork, Nathaniel and I headed down to Locust Point to the Baltimore Cupcake Company.  It was such a cute place with wonderful cupcakes!  Nathaniel picked out the "green one" which happened to be key lime.  I think he liked the taste at first, but then the sour hit him and he changed his mind.  "I didn't pick this one, mommy!"...  So I traded my peppermint patty cupcake and ate his key lime.  Either way I was happy because they were both yummy!!

That evening we had a pizza bake off between Aaron and I.  Aaron got his dough recipe off of youtube and I found mine through google and it was called Jay's Signature Pizza Crust.  I think we both agreed that my pizza was better.
My pizza:
Aaron's Pizza:

I will get caught up on yesterday and today later...  I have plans to get a dog food container as how I noticed last night that our cricket problem may be due to the open dog food bag...  Did anyone know crickets like dog food?  Who would have ever known!  Seriously!