Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aaron had an "administrative" day and didn't have to officially go into work.  He wanted to go for a hike at Oregon Ridge Nature Center, but I,  like always, think I have a better idea.  One of the neighbor ladies had suggested a park called Meadowood.  It was a beautiful park with sport fields, a playground, and a walking trail which we thought was 8 miles long.  We knew it would be a long 2+ hour walk, but we were up for it.  Well, we soon discovered that the trail was not 8 miles long, it was 0.8 miles and felt a little cheated.  We returned to the map and sure enough we could see where the "." used to be but apparently it had fallen off.  So we headed to Robert E. Lee park to find a forest trail to hike.  The bridge connecting the parking lot to the main part of the park was closed due to structural problems, but we found another path to walk on.  Apparently it used to be a road through the park but over the years was closed and not maintained.  It brought us through a gorgeous neighborhood with beautiful older homes with estate size properties mixed in with a few more modest homes.  

After we returned home, I decided to try a devils food cupcake recipe from a blog that I found called Cupcake Bakeshop .  The directions were different than most in that it states to place all ingredients in the bowl except the eggs and mix.  It was odd not creaming the butter and sugar first.  They came out okay, however I prefer more chocolate taste in my cake and a less sweet frosting.  They were good, just not the best.