Sunday, November 16, 2008

WOW!! My Card was featured on the SCS Stamping Bella Forum!!

Check this out!

I am stunned that my card was picked to be the featured card for this challenge!  I guess I felt like I've been playing with the "big girls" when doing these challenges.  I do my card and post it, then stare in awe at what everyone else has done.  I've been learning how to use copic markers which are really intended for serious artists, but many stampers have been using them to color in images with great success.  The markers are alcohol based and are easy to blend and shade with and they don't pill up the paper like water based markers.  There is a lot to learn about when using these markers and I am just at the very beginning.

Last night I made frosted sugar cookies from a recipe I found on the blog Real Mom Kitchen.  I'm not sure what I did wrong this time, but I was not able to roll these cookie and cut them out.  The dough was way too soft even after refrigerating for 4 hours.  So, I took my ice cream scoop and make drop cookies with the dough.  I made the chocolate frosting included with the recipe and they were YUMMY!!  I'm going to make them again and see if I can get the dough right.  They'd make awesome Christmas cookies.  

After the kids went to bed, I decided it was time to replace all the missing/ broken strings on my harp.  I was dreading it.  Replacing harp strings isn't easy and I was trying to think if there was anyway I could pay someone to do it for me.  I found a harp teacher here in Baltimore that I want to begin lessons with and try to get back up to speed, but I knew I had to get it tuned and back in shape.  The first string gave me trouble, but after that I got the hang of it!  They went on really quickly and not one single cuss word flew out of my mouth!  

This morning Hannah had her weekly ballet and tap dance lessons.  She is a little behind the other girls in the class, partly because I didn't get her in lessons before now.  She went for a few months a couple of years ago, but then we quit because it was just too much to do when I was working full time.  Today they added a bunch of new steps to the routine and she was really struggling.  I grabbed a pen and scratch paper out of my purse and began to write down the routine.  The songs are "Maria" from The Sound of Music, The Parent Trap theme song, and the Hannah Montana theme song.  We actually have all of those sound tracks on iTunes so I thought I'd pick up a pair of cheap tap shoes on the way home from lessons and practice with her at home.  What a blast!  I also found some how to videos on YouTube for us to practice along with.

Aaron went into his office this afternoon to work on the book chapter that he is writing.  I can't imagine having to do something like that.  I am a horrible writer and have never liked writing papers or anything for that matter.  When he writes, it is almost like a composer writing a writing is like playing chopsticks on the piano.  My grammar, spelling, vocabulary, etc. is not what it should be after all my years of education.  He on the other hand is an amazing writer.

Since Aaron was gone the kids and I went to the Towson mall this evening.  He, like most men, can't seem to enjoy going to the mall just to look around.  I was shocked that the place was packed!  I expected this kind of crowd after Thanksgiving, but not now.  Hannah and Nathaniel had Chick-fil-A  from the food court for dinner and I opted for a 1/2 turkey sandwich and a cup of Maryland crab soup from the deli.   I think that Maryland crab soup may have to be my all time favorite soup!  It is like a vegetable beef soup but spicy and with crab instead of beef (obviously).  Seriously, if you haven't had it yet, you have to try it!  After dinner, I made the mistake of letting the kids walk down the wing of the mall with the Build A Bear store.  They already have like 3 of these things, but each time they see it they want another one!  This time, Hannah saw that they had a Hannah Montana bear and a High School Musical bear.  I had a REALLY hard time saying no.  It's tough being a mom!  The trip must have worn them out because they didn't argue with me when we got home and it was time for bed.

p.s.  this is how we solved the crickets eating the dog food problem.  Wal-Mart $20!



What a cute dog!! My mom has a little one named taffy. The stamp I used on my card holder was Rain or Shine, it is one of my favorite sets. You can find it here:

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Hope you have a great Sunday!!


Hellow from Real Mom Kitchen! So glad to hear you liked the soup and the bread bowls. I'm sorry the cookies we a little trobling for you. I do know you have to use a lot of flour on you board to roll them out. Hope that helps for next time.

You did a GREAT job on the card and I love the saying!